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Last year I started writing again. Oh. I’d written some, off and on for years, in blog posts, personal essays, retreat content, and corporate prayers to be used in worship. But last year I returned to poetry, my first love. I’d written many poems early in my young adulthood, but only a handful between ages 25 and 41. 

But there were these prompts, that would not leave me alone, found from a favorite blog.  They whispered around the edges of my days, asked me questions, teased me with depth and playfulness and curiosity in turn. They reminded me both of my younger self, and the enduring, irresistible truth that every day holds something that can be discovered, some pulsing something beneath its skin. 

I picked up my pencil, and found my way to the keyboard. Every poem is still a leap from the first line. I begin with intention, but the best moments are when the poem gets away from me, with only the whoosh of air, and I am just along for the ride. I’ll come back to it, shape the trajectory, judge the distance, but the leap is the irresistible part. 

Another leap comes when we send our work into the world, by any of the myriad ways we can now. I do that here.

And now I am more than delighted that my work will appear in Issue Six of Kindred. Kindred is a fine art literary magazine, beautifully bound and in full color, brimming with poetry, prose and photography. Issue Six explores the theme of rebirth. 

You may pre-order Kindred here. Your order will support a small press dedicated to sharing meaningful language and image, and you’l give yourself a springtime gift in your mailbox. 



I’ve been seeking midwinter inspiration with other good folks

writing along in February at Write ALM


8 thoughts on “leap

  1. rachel

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! how wonderful for you to share your writing with others… and of course what a blessing for those others. and in PRINT! this is very exciting. how lovely to watch your dreams come true. 🙂

  2. Jessica

    Clicked over from Amanda’s pinterest board (as usual). I look forward to reading your piece in Kindred as I do your posts here.


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