good fortune: a thursday list


After a few weeks off, I’m back with a list of my good fortune this Thursday.

  • After yesterday’s morning-penned late-winter whine, the sun came out and the temperatures soared to the low seventies. I took off my wool socks and opened the windows. Not spring yet, but promising.
  • I’m finding ways to make my seventh grader laugh, and that is music to my ears.
  • This week, after a long hiatus of read aloud time, we started The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, Book Four, The Interrupted Tale, and from the first chapter it looks to be as good fun as the other three books in the series.
  • I had a forty-five minute yoga practice yesterday that reminded me why I always return to the mat. I resumed my day feeling so much more at ease in my skin, open and relaxed.
  • Since the purchase of a new mattress, I am sleeping well nearly every night. This is a blessing that seemed automatic to mid-twenties Missy, but early-forties Missy is deeply grateful.
  • Tomorrow night I’ll be listening to one of my favorite singer-songwriters live, after a delicious meal with my beloveds.

Last week had the snow, but it is this week that seems a flurry of good fortune.


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10 thoughts on “good fortune: a thursday list

  1. Marianna

    Ah yes, making 7th graders laugh. Certainly not the easiest gig around!

    I’m envious of your getting to see Carrie in person. She is a favorite of mine as well. I have had the opportunity to see her twice. Once with Philip Gulley in a song and spoken word event. It was great fun.

    1. adailyportion Post author

      Thanks for the comment Marianna! This will be my third Carrie concert. I got to participate in a writing workshop with her– it was amazing. FYI– she has a new CD out in April I think. Should be good.


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