five senses


This homebody has a study in sensory contrasts as a rare snowstorm blankets South Carolina.

Seen outside, flakes collecting on my coat sleeves, my gloves, the pom pom of my unabashedly pink hat.

Seen inside, the  potential for great photography with a free jumbo reflector bouncing a white glow in every window, and damp gloves and scarves and jackets everywhere

Smelled outside, the clean that is beyond clean

Smelled inside, hot coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, melting cheese, roasting pork. We’re warming bodies from the bellies out.

Tasted outside, snow melting on the tongue.

Tasted inside, all the good-smelling things above, plus some quite excellent scrambled eggs this morning.

Heard outside, the velvet broom swish of falling snow

Heard inside, lessons, Olympics, electric guitar practice, pages rustling.

Felt outside, cold snow blowing every which way, the contrast between wool-socked and booted warm feet and chilly fingers bared to press the shutter button.

Felt inside, the welcome weight of a cat in the lap, the blanket over the knees, the untold rich, satisfying love here in this snowed-in, time out of time.


Seeking midwinter inspiration with other good folks

writing along in February at Write ALM



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