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“Fiction is like that, once it is released into the world: contagious, persistent. Like the contents of Pandora’s box, a story that’s freely given can’t be contained anymore. It becomes infectious, spreading from the person who created it to the person who listens, and passes it on.”  — Jodi Picoult, The Storyteller


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4 thoughts on “currently reading

    1. adailyportion Post author

      I agree! A note on these. I finished The Storyteller last night. I have not cared for many of Picoult’s in the past, but this one grabbed me and I devoured it. Not for the faint of heart– about a quarter of the book is set at Auschwitz, where the protagonist’s grandmother was imprisoned. But there was something about the book– I really connected with it.

      Starting one of the others today.

  1. jill

    I liked Beautiful Ruins… like escaping real life, living elsewhere for a while. If you like it, you might also like VacationLand by Sarah Stonich 😉


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