green light


As a legally blind non-driver, the image of a swinging traffic signal over my head does not produce the automatic, muscle-memory drive to GO! I’ve never felt the surge of an engine under an accelerating foot.

But today, deep in the cold of January, the new year wearing a bit thin, I need to dig into that secondary definition, the one to do with permission to move ahead.  I need to give a green light to:

  • knowing myself and my very introverted limitations
  • saying a respectful “no,” as needed, and being at peace with the outcome
  • moving this body more, because it feels good, not tied to visible results
  • doing my own creative work before consuming others’ efforts
  • naps as needed
  • handwork and lens-work and paper-work as well as word-work

What could you give a green light to today?



Gratefully writing along 

with other good folks 

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8 thoughts on “green light

  1. edillow

    I am working on dismantling some barriers to moving ahead on some new projects, facing down some ugly disorganization and unfinished work on others. : )


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