What if, just for today, or just in this hour, I focused on the (returning, slowly) light in my eyes, and not the extra twenty pounds? If I saw kindly the bloom in my cheek from the walk outside, and not the blemishes and lines? What if I smiled generously at the woman in the mirror, a long lost friend, and offered her something besides my continual criticism and occasional qualified, grudging respect?

How would my greeting to my own reflection change what path the day takes?


Gratefully writing along 

with other good folks 

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6 thoughts on “reflection

  1. Jen

    You’ve written some of the tame thoughts I journaled myself. We are so quick to lift up our fellow women in love, we need to remember to start with the woman looking out at us from the mirror!

  2. tonia

    I needed this. I was very unkind to myself today, noticing the beginning sag of my face, the way my neck bags and wrinkles in places…oh, I had a few choice words for that lazy skin of mine. But I can’t go forward this way. I need grace for the new me with its old face. Thank you, dearest.


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