life’s work


“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”   Frederick Buechner

The younger me thought that this calling, this vocation, was the one great thing. The big accomplishment. A blaze of glory.

But now, just shy of forty two, how I pray that this is the place in which I dwell, in which I move and have my being. And that these meeting places, these marriages of hunger and gladness are found in the many roles I play. The world hungers for good words, it is true, and I find deep joy in laboring over words. The world hungers for beauty and I chase it in the ordinary with my lens.

But the world hungers for tenderness and care, too, for the sort of men I am growing, nurtured by soup suppers and read-alouds and extra quilts on cold nights. The world hungers for pockets of peace, and for the energy and grace of those with the great luxury of living out of those spaces. And thanks be, I love chopping vegetables and one more chapter and bed linens with stories attached.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, by all I want to do and read and write and make and give, sliced into these narrow hours. At other times I am just so tearfully grateful for this shifting kaleidoscope of work and wonder, delight and duty.

Dig deep. What is your gladness?


Gratefully writing along with other lovely folks

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8 thoughts on “life’s work

  1. tonia

    Amen. Feeling so deeply thankful for my life, this choice we made to nurture a home this way, feeling so deeply inspired to pass on the calling to others, feeling so deeply hungry to make others see the value of a home, a mother…

  2. janeygingerboy

    So beautiful…I loved reading this a great deal and in fact read it 3 times in a row. The plan I had in my 20s has no resemblance to my life now and I am glad because at that age I never knew I would feel love like I do now : )


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