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A long long time ago, in Internet time, I was part of a community of women brought together by dear Suzanne, at her blog Suziebeezieland. At the time, most of us did some form of scrapbooking or memory keeping, and loved photos and pretty things and good food and Suzanne’s warm spirit.

As happens with any sort of group, over time we have all drifted, somehow or other,  away from our own blogs, into new hobbies or pursuits. Our children have been born and have grown relentlessly taller. Some of us have packed our moving boxes more than once.

But we all still love seeing each other’s names in our in -boxes! One of our own, Elizabeth, had a bright idea for the new year. We will reconnect through lists on our blogs, once a week or so, casual and no pressure and for fun and friendship.

I’m in! For January at least, I thought I would try an experiment. Each Thursday I will write a list, with the theme determined by Amanda’s prompt of the day.

See what I did there?

So, something(s) new around here:

  • my dearest received a Nutribullet for Christmas. We are the smoothie channel. All smoothies, all the time.
  • for our New Year’s Day hike, Joshua encouraged us to try a trail he had hiked with his Scout troop on a trip last May. My favorite new thing might be that we have reached the point where both boys are introducing us to new, good stuff, rather than us always taking the lead.
  • I’ve embraced reading dystopian young adult fiction. Not necessarily my number one genre of choice, but the great discussions we’ve been having with the boys about society and culture are golden. And see above–  they love it when they get us to read something we can’t put down.
  • (trying to) write every. single. day. Toward the end of 2013, I wrote more often and more volume than in any recent years, but I would like to build it into my day like brushing teeth or drinking water.  Essential. Unmissable. Life-giving.
  • ditto for my yoga practice.  This would not be something band new, since I practiced every single day for almost four months over the summer, but my mat has seen far too little of me since mid-October.

What is new with you?


Gratefully writing along with other lovely folks

Write ALM January Prompt-A-Day


14 thoughts on “something new

    1. adailyportion Post author

      We plowed through Hunger Games, and then Joshua got us started on Divergent. I have in spite of myself, found it fascinating. We’ve had some great discussions on that society’s attempt to self-perfect and isolate human evil, and how well that does NOT go. 🙂

  1. Katy

    Hunger Games, I am still finishing the last book. I haven’t started Divergent yet, but the menfolk all loved it. I promised to read it before the movie comes out. 😀

    1. adailyportion Post author

      We went to see Catching Fire and then I HAD to read Mockingjay. Divergent is really good. I am on the second one now John is ahead of me in reading and keeps making big startled eyes at me over top of the book. 🙂 Ditto on reading it before the movie.

    1. adailyportion Post author

      Nadine! Hey! I love yoga– started practicing somewhat regularly a little over eighteen months ago. It always makes me feel amazing, but I struggle to take the time. I’m not much of a fan of exercise, and I know I need to do cardio, so it is hard for me to make myself take time for both. Though both would be fantastic and the benefits are so different. Maybe this will be my year! Thanks for commenting!

  2. edillow

    [sigh of contentment, all this fun writing to catch up on tonight throughout the internet]
    Dovetailing things is the best. So glad you can find a way to get both birds! Dystopian is not really my thing either, but I am thinking of reading Divergent this year.

    1. adailyportion Post author

      I know Elizabeth– today has been really fun as list posts have started to appear.

      I was really anti- the whole dystopian trend, but Divergent is just good, page turning reading. As for Hunger Games, Katniss has been such an interesting character to me. The best is talking about these stories with my elder son.

      Thanks for starting something so fun!

  3. amanda (@writealm)

    I love lists! Can’t wait to check in and see yours each week.

    I guess my kids aren’t quite at the dystopian fiction age (the eldest is 12) – I’ll trust you’ll give me a few titles to read when the time comes!


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