count your blessings


Too many. There are too many. From  the gloriously mundane, like full pantry and freezer and a humming furnace, hot coffee with my sweetheart and the abundance of time we all have together right now. There are the jolly ones, like helpless laughter in the kitchen and music spilling over us.  There are the truly unmeasurable ones: their rosy, healthy boy-faces emerging from long nights of sleep, our walls that cradle safely and shelter and peace, the comfort of one another.

May you find many blessings to count this day and the next. Among mine I number you who come here to glimpse what I see and read what I say. Merry Christmas!

Happily joining in with daily prompts

for December with other good folks

at Write ALM


4 thoughts on “count your blessings

  1. Mollie

    wishing you guys a Merry Christmas…your posts have been like a balm to my soul…sort of like cuddling under a blanket in the winter. love you guys!


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