The Elusive Enough


December as a mother is a cat and mouse, odd tennis match of a game.  Shoulds and shouldn’ts volley back and forth, not enough, too much, not enough, too much. Too much sugar in little mouths, not enough homemade treats, too much buying, not enough stuff to pass from hand to hand, one beribboned box traded for another. Not enough carols, too much noise. Where is enough?

Enough not in the sense of perfection, but in sufficiency, satisfaction, rest.

It’s a little funny to me how bad theology and the consumer frenzy can sing the same tune this month, that there is no such thing as enough, that only the tabulation of what we have done and what we have left undone matters. Matters, but will never. quite. measure. up.

Today, family portrait untaken, cards unordered and unsent, menus unplanned, gifts as yet unwrapped, I’m slipping myself off the hook of the should/shouldn’t pendulum, laying down my racket, leaving the score unsettled. I declare that there is enough. We move on from here, from where we are, less shiny, better rested, unready but present.


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