seeking solace


in quiet

in the comforting presence of my husband, in his calm listening, in his straight-shooting perspective

in this home

in my kids’ sweet company

in a cup of something warm

in music

between pages

in the mountains

in the sort of hope that glows steadily, pushing back the dark with a gentle hand, promising that somehow, all shall be well

joining, at least for today,

in these daily prompts for November,

found via The Habit of Being


2 thoughts on “seeking solace

  1. lis

    it is so beautiful to find the solace amidst the every day. “in his straight-shooting perspective” – this speaks to me as my partner is also a straight shooter. sometimes it rubs me the wrong way, wanting to dance in the imagery or make things more than they are. i appreciate the view that it can be oh so comforting 🙂

    1. adailyportion Post author

      Thank you Lis! I can be halfway down the road with suppositions and energy- stealing wonderingly, and my husband kindly helps me restore my perspective. Thanks for commenting!


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