Happiness is. . .


gold leaves against a crisp blue sky

time with a sister who laughs and understands, even when that just means she is     the same kind of crazy as me 🙂

replacing several not quite rights with the perfect one, and from the thrift store to boot

coffee in the morning with the one I want to begin and end every day with

flannel, corduroy, fleece–  the feel of autumn

leftover cornbread, toasted and buttered for breakfast  (I am from the South!)

a canvas tote heavy with library books

drying racks full of camping clothes from a Scout trip, and boys asleep long before lights out

a prompt that nudges me, on a Monday morning of lists of tasks and appointments, to-dos and past-dues, to make this list of smiles and contented sighs.

joining, at least for today,

in these daily prompts for November,

found via The Habit of Being


10 thoughts on “Happiness is. . .

  1. amanda (@writealm)

    Oh, I could comfortably sit with your list a while! I have my very own canvas bag full of library books to return and the morning coffee – love. I like constants in my life and it seems these two really rang true with me today.


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