first thing I see


first thing I see


if I’m honest about it,

are the spaces and gaps,

the lacks and places that gape,

dark and hollow, the betweens

of what doesn’t meet, the not enoughs,

the worn aways, the cracks left

by the looted, the taken from,

jagged, just and unjust.


This gift for finding holes and rents

keeps me nervous,

keeps me keeping more than I need,

keeps me laboring over the fissures,

the childhood cracks unfilled

by all this grown love.


But looking more closely, I see mosaics

blooming from the collected broken fragments,

the seams between them make pictures

beneath my hands.

We are all in pieces,

but the pieces are all here.


joining, at least for today, in these daily prompts for November, found via The Habit of Being



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