This Mamma’s May Manifesto


“. . . Tell them you know the truth.
Ideas can’t be trapped in tiny bubbles.. . ”

“Revolution for the Tested” by Kate Messner

I’ve been stewing, a public school mamma with her boys bowed with the preparation and windup for and countdown to federally mandated, state administered standardized tests, looming next week.

So when I read this, well, it was deeply satisfying. Please click the link for the whole poem.


10 thoughts on “This Mamma’s May Manifesto

  1. Patricia Hunter

    So happy to see a post from you. I’ve missed your lovely photos and even lovelier thoughts.

    Wonderful poem by Kate Messner – and what perfect timing for you.

    Hugs to you and your boys. If they are anything like you, I’m sure they will breeze through those tests.

  2. beth

    Yes. Deeply satisfying. I know it must be rather frustrating to go through all that, but on the other side is summer!!! And days of good book reading. Love you, dearheart, and miss you!

  3. tonia

    love it! And now they are talking about ROBOT essay evaluators (who do as good a job as the humans! they say.) Vive le revolution!

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