Friday I’m in Love

Ah, the 90’s, turning this song up on the radio, plaid flannel, all the campus trees aflame and Timberland hiking boots. Nostalgia. . .

But actually, this morning as our little family parted to start our days, I was thinking of all the things I’m in love with right now. All the little blessings drifting around me like leaves, and how gratitude presses them between waxed paper, how thankfulness warms and preserves their color and texture. A woman who chased the moon has been teaching me that, for a long time. My hands are filling with russet and gold:

  • Sam’s prickly boy hair beneath my lips for a goodbye kiss.
  • Joshua’s quiet companionship near the end of the day, sitting on the sofa, just being.
  • Making my husband laugh.
  • Reading, reading slowly, Grace for the Good Girl, and finding old hurts buried, but unearthing places where healing can flow in.
  • Soup and bread, simple meals, spoons scraping bowls.
  • My cat’s satisfied purr when she claims my lap in the evening.
  • Turning up the music loud, singing along.
  • Time with an old friend, her face across the table.
  • A second cup of coffee, just because.
  • Needle slipping in and out of fabric stretched in a hoop, the breath-like rhythm of stitching.
  • A husband who knows how to rescue a day gone sad. . .

All these things so ordinary, but you know, I know, that these blessings will never come again in just the same way. They are as fleeting as they are familiar. I want to drain my cup of them, slurp the last drop. This Friday, I want the heady senses-all-awake, wide-eyed falling in love receiving of this mundane, marvelous day.

November’s fourth Thursday is a feast, the twenty-fifth of December a festival. Next week I’ll write more about heart and hands preparation for those gracious and glorious days. But today I’m sitting down to this daily portion.

What’s on your plate this Friday?




12 thoughts on “Friday I’m in Love

  1. Rachel

    yes… amen to enjoying the everyday. i love how you can remind me of the same, most important things… but how they can sound new and refreshing each time. thank you friend!

  2. Susan Hinson Hood

    Thank you sweet friend for the continued reminder I need to slow down and “be.” There’s so much on my plate at the moment. Pondering your words and those whose books I also read and blogs I enjoy! You are precious! Sweet blessings!

  3. Ruthi

    as I was reading this I thought to myself… “I love how Missy writes” and then I scrolled down and saw that Trish said the same thing in her comment 🙂 Great minds think alike Trish! I agree, you write beautifully because it flows from your heart. Thank you!

    1. adailyportion Post author

      Thank you Ruthi– you and Trish– picturing your faces on the other side of this screen and miles away– keeps the love flowing here. (and the glad tears too– goodness!)


  4. Beth

    On my plate this morning is a great big secret project that I can mention here because I know Coty won’t see it! I’m re-doing his office while he’s in India. Painting, putting up new bookshelves, organizing, decluttering. Very carefully with that last one so I don’t throw anything away that he might want! I’m wearing grubby clothes and spattered in paint … and it’s wonderful.
    Love you and looking forward to seeing you before toooo long.

    1. adailyportion Post author

      Beth– what a gift you’re giving– what a blessing Coty will receive to come home to such a fresh space after travel. Yay you!

      My boys think it is “very cool” that we’ll be staying with “Miss Beth” next month. 🙂

  5. Mindy Anders

    Oh, I so agree that gratitude preserves your memories as treasures in your heart! Thanks for capturing that. Time passing can feel sad, but when you thank God for each wonderful little thing you get happy that you have these things at all. Yes!

    1. adailyportion Post author

      Mindy– this is so true– as Ann V writes in her book, I have found that gratitude eases my resistance to and hurting from my boys growing up– it deepens the experience of time itself.

      Happy weekend to you!
      I love that Yes! at the end of your comment.


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