Day Twenty-Nine: Beloved in Every Season

There are seasons to life, Creation and Scripture say so. My sons, taller every day it seems, remind me my season of littles at home is done–  these are the schoolboy years. Quickly, too quickly I know this time will roll away into one when the house is quieter and there is less laundry but perhaps a little less laughter, too.

In some seasons, our belovedness shines. Or rather, our blessedness reminds us how beloved we are. It is easy to receive. But we aren’t beloved based on our circumstances, even when they’re gifts of grace. We are the beloved creation of God, in a relationship that began before we could mark time and will extend beyond our timekeeping. Wrapped in the love and sheltering grace of an eternal God, we are beloved in every season.

In June I first heard these words, sung by Christa Wells:

“. . . as long as my life stays like this, I’m feeling good

Until my bones become brittle against my will

My heart is home, oh, to make the earth stand still

All the things I pursue

Well, they stay for a season,

Then everything moves,

Everything moves, oh,

My towers fall,

But you aren’t leaving me

‘Cause everything moves but you.”

This mother heart, wrapped in the belovedness of these fleeting years with my boys, definitely knows the urge to still the spinning world. But Christa goes on to sing of the One who exists beyond our changing seasons:

“You…I never outgrow you

You are a tree always in bloom

You are a hall of endless rooms

A living fountain springing up

I’m satisfied but never done

I’m never done

With you.”

“Everything Moves” by Christa Wells

No flying years can outrun Him. And He calls me beloved in every season of life, if I can tune my ears to hear the beauty of that Voice.



7 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Nine: Beloved in Every Season

  1. Trish

    To live in the moment, as Ann says……….that’s how to embrace each season and not live in the past or fear the future. But so hard to do!

    I love that song of Christa’s, too! How I long to truly be satisfied by Him and how encouraging to know there’s no end to that satisfaction!

    1. adailyportion Post author

      Trish– I listen over and over to the bridge of that song– a God I can’t outgrow, a tree always in bloom, all those doors– and as much as I love this beloved present, I don’t want to miss what He has next.


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