Day Twenty: Love on the Walls of the Beloved Home

Some of us like modern decor, cool and clean as the latest Real Simple cover. Others create an English cottage in the American suburbs, or a vintage farmhouse feel in a studio apartment above a busy street. But there is one decorating tip that can apply to all our homes when we choose those things that are only for adornment.

Put love on the walls.

This can take lots of forms, but the artwork we choose can speak belovedness to our families and to all who enter our homes. Instead of a space-filler, or a painting that “goes with the sofa,” could you consider framing something from Creation? An inspiring quotation? A bit of Scripture? Something handmade instead of factory produced?  An interesting object from your personal history? A reproduction of a great piece of art?

Or my favorite, photographs of my own beloved ones.

What do your walls say?




3 thoughts on “Day Twenty: Love on the Walls of the Beloved Home

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  2. Trish

    We have several pieces of artwork that we found at craft galleries or art shows or that friends have given us. But since Caleb died, we have a lot more pictures of all our kids on the walls. We have Caleb’s lacrosse jersey in a frame, given to us by his team. And Phillip framed a couple of Father’s Day cards that Caleb had given him. Memories seem to be the best thing to display for us.


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