Day Seventeen: Beloved and Orderly

As with so much of what it means to live out the beloved life, orderliness and organization in a home is a two way street. If we have come to see our homes as beloved spaces, into which we’ve invested time to make them ours, with which we have made peace with flaws. caring well for our homes becomes less of a chore. We want to see the art and craft we’ve made, we want the kids to have a cozy place to read and it is easier to gather around the supper table when a backhoe is not required to find it.

But it is looking from the other direction at home management that more beloved benefits are found. This is not orderliness for the sake of itself. That kind of isolated perfection can actually stifle genuine living in a home.  Rather, in the beloved home, tidiness, planning, cleanliness and gracious structure are valuable for what they make space for:

Order in the beloved home:

  • makes time. With a system in place for backpacks and paperwork and laundry and mail, last minute searches before rushing out the door become mainly a thing of the past. There is time to take a deep breath, to speak a blessing over those leaving for the day. There is time to be on time, thus respecting others and their time as valuable. There’s just more time for living rather than looking for.
  • makes kindness. I don’t know about you, but those last minute rushes don’t bring out the best in my manner with my beloveds. A little planning and order equals less snapping harsh words, less impatient tone from me. Perhaps I’ll grow to the place where hurry does not automatically sharpen my speech, but in the meantime, less last minute living means I send my people off with more kindness.
  • makes the budget work better. There’s no way around it. An orderly home means less purchase of duplicate items. We take better care of our belongings and they last longer. Planned menus equal wiser spending at the grocery store. And for me, more time spent maintaining what we have makes me want to own less stuff!
  • makes for more living. Home systems are as personal as the people who live in them, but once you discover yours, and the day to day runs more smoothly, you’ll have more time and energy for the things you really love, the things you are passionate about, the things that put you most in touch with your belovedness.

Order for its own sake is a prissy sort of idol. Order in the hands of the maker of a beloved home is beautiful for all it makes possible.


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