Day Fifteen: The Beloved Home Takes Time

As I settle into my swivel chair to write the next set of posts in the 31 Days of Belovedness series, the topic feels like it is turning, too. From the deeper to the more superficial, from heavier issues of identity and relationship to the lighter ones of home and self-expression. But if we are the beloved (do you believe it now?) , if we are the beloved that there is no such division in life itself. Belovedness can be worked out in soul-work and hand-work and friendship and dough and yarn and flowers. For a long time now, I’ve believed with her that it is a one-piece life. We are people, not old fashioned card catalogues, our hearts all drawers labeled “spiritual” and “work” and “home” and “art.” The beloved life is so much messier and more glorious than that.

I am passionate about home, about my home and what a home can mean to a family. The more I thought about it, the more I saw that home itself can be beloved, a canvas for our creativity and the soul expression of our security and acceptance. And home can be made in a way that reassures those who live within its walls that they are beloved, accepted, valued, really seen. So this week we’ll talk about home.

The first thing to know about the beloved home is that it takes time to create. Just as our own becoming is not a matter of hours if we are to be deep and multi-faceted people, a home that reflects and expresses the life lived within it cannot be quickly made. Every woman sitting on her in=laws old sofa or sliding a match book under a wobbly end table has dreamed of an unlimited Pottery Barn gift card and a big truck pulling up to the house with the contents of all her dog-eared catalogue pages inside. The items themselves would be lovely, no doubt, and tantalizingly new. But assembled, they’re not you. Only rooms added to and subtracted from over time, lived with and loved in, can have the unmistakable patina of individuality that makes for a real home.

Give it time–  not the time it takes to save up for that big truck’s delivery, but an active time of making and living and growing and doing. And as the seasons unfurl, you’ll find  the essence of yourself and your beloveds within your walls.


4 thoughts on “Day Fifteen: The Beloved Home Takes Time

  1. Jill

    Thank you for this lovely reminder! As someone who has those dog eared Pottery Barn pages it helps to be reminded of what is truly important.

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  3. Kathy

    Wow….this really spoke to me today. Most of the time, I love the beautiful messy life I am in, but sometimes I really just covet the daylights for someone’s “catalog home”… Thanks for reminding me what is so special about the life I have chosen 🙂


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