Day Eight: Faces of the Beloved, In the Mirror

Last week we explored learning, remembering, resting in our identity as the beloved. This week we’re opening our eyes to recognize the beloved faces around us.

Sometimes the most difficult vision to see as beloved is the one we meet in the mirror. These bodies are the houses for our cherished souls and the medium through which we move and make in the world. And yet, though bone and tendon, shield of skin and burning senses are all gift, it is so easy to look on these faces, these bodies, with loathing.

I take thousands of pictures every year and appear in only a couple dozen. These images I scrutinize, seeing my lazy eye, my extra pounds, the time that is beginning to write its path across my face and hands.

Yet we are spirit and body, thought and voice, creativity and fingers to make it happen. In this world, it is a package deal. Somehow, without the worship of pursuing magazine cover, air brushed ideals or frozen, unfaded youth, I want to see this body as part the my beloved living. Grateful for a firm step on the earth, for knees to kneel, backs to lift burdens, arms to embrace husband and children, eyes to see creation’s beauty.

To see creations beauty and belovedness, even in the bathroom mirror.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.              Psalm 139:14


9 thoughts on “Day Eight: Faces of the Beloved, In the Mirror

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  2. tonia

    So true, Missy…it is hard to accept that image in the mirror. So hard sometimes.

    It made me smile wide when I saw your photo in this post, knowing what it means for you to press “publish” and to accept yourself in the beloved.

    You are lovely beyond words and I am so glad to call you friend. Thank you for smiling at me today from this screen.

    1. adailyportion Post author

      Tonia, I know how much it meant to me to receive your Christmas card last you, and to see the faces of you and your family smiling back at me.

      Thanks for your love and presence.

  3. adailyportion Post author

    Oh, it is hard Ruthi! I’ve said things to that mirrored woman I would never even think of another person– yet, until I believe and accept, how can I love my neighbor as myself?

    Thanks for being present with me these 31 days!


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