Day Three: Unearned Identity and a Love to Dwell In




I’m an industrious woman, a list maker and scheduler. Instinctively, when this concept of Belovedness kept popping up everywhere, dancing in my peripheral vision, I wanted to know what I could do to make it stick. I could see the hole in my understanding of who and Whose I am, but my natural approach was to plug it with activity.


That’s why Emily, with her book Grace for the Good Girl, has my number. God’s Love and grace are entwined together, free gifts I cannot earn and cannot lose. God loves me too much to leave me addicted to my own good performance and my white knuckled anxiety about it and call it Belovedness.


It is “BE-loved” not “DO-loved.” Somehow this is a matter of turning off the scoreboard, putting away my hoops to jump through, and resting in it.






7 thoughts on “Day Three: Unearned Identity and a Love to Dwell In

  1. Trish

    Missy, you have managed to sum up in just a few words just exactly how the Lord has been working in my life this year. I too am so addicted to my good performance and am always trying to prove to myself and to others how good I am. I will keep this idea in my mind of BE- loved, not DO-loved. What great truths, Missy! I have so much to learn, too.

    A friend and I are going to start Emily’s book either this week or next. I can’t wait.

  2. adailyportion Post author

    Thanks for coming by ladies! One of the ways I look at this is that we keep trying to rewrite a law to live by, only to fail in our doing. I want to much to dwell in belovedness!

    Trish– I’m so glad you’re reading this book with a friend!

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