Day Two: A Reminder of the Beloved Identity

As I was beginning to admit that I was not seeing my life as what to do with my Belovedness, a song and video pegged me with pieces of torn cardboard and roadside Polaroid portraits.

What does your first, most instinctive sign say? What would it take to be called by a new name?



7 thoughts on “Day Two: A Reminder of the Beloved Identity

  1. Ruthi

    what a great song and video!
    my default sign says, “Not Enough”
    thank you for reminding me that He says I am “Beloved” regardless.
    blessings to you today Missy!

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  3. Trish

    Missy, thank you for posting this video again. I have watched it before and loved it. Now I can save it!

    My default sign is like Ruthi’s – it would have to read “Not Good Enough”. Oh, to get it in my head that He was good enough. As I heard someone say, He loves me the way I am, but loves me enough not to keep me that way! I need so badly to feel His love, know His love, and trust His acceptance of me. I am His child which means He loves me no matter what. I know this in my head, but I still struggle to have it absorbed in my heart.

    I can’t wait to hear what He tells you this month, Missy!

  4. Kristin Blankenship

    What a great song & video! My first-time hearing it:)

    Like these first two ladies commented, my default sign reads, “Anxious/Not Enough.” Recently, I was walking with a good friend several weeks ago and actually made the comment that I have to keep reminding myself that I am enough because God made me! While I know that, intellectually, the hard part is believing it in my heart. How timely these writings on Belovedness are!

  5. adailyportion Post author

    My “not enough-ness” is still clinging to me too– that is why I think it is so important that we remind each other of our belovedness– I hope and believe that over time, it will work its way through our weary and anxious hearts. That head-to-heart journey can be a long one!


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