Day One: The Beloved Identity and a Planted Seed

A phrase from a new friend was the seed that was planted, and I remember gasping a little as it burrowed its way into soil plowed in June. We were at our new Sunday Morning Women’s Journaling Group at church, and Karen asked us to describe a woman, other than a mother, who has impacted our lives.

A few of us spoke about authors. I shared about Madeleine L’Engle’s words about faith and art that had made sense of life for me. Then Missie, next to me, described reading about Jane Goodall’s work in the jungle, as “what she did with her belovedness.”

In the days to come those words sounded over and over like wind chimes in the back of my mind. For, what a way to describe life, as what we do with our Belovedness! Have I ever seen it that way, lived it that way?

I believe, surely. I believe I am created by God, Who is Love itself (1 John 4:16) I am a dearly loved child (Ephesians 5:1) and known intimately by God. (Psalm 139)  God gave His greatest gift, the life of His Son for the world, motivated by Love. (John 3:16) This Love is so mighty that nothing can separate us from it.(Romans 8) John 15 tells us we can remain in this love. And all through the New Testament, this love is to be the model for our relationship; over and over, we are told to love one another. The tenets of my faith make clear that we are born into a state of Belovedness we did not earn and cannot lose, for it flows from the character of God Himself. Jesus was the embodied expression of this love come down.

I have not lived fierce and fearless and free with this kind of Love as my secure dwelling place. I have not always recognized others as Beloved as well. I have propped up my sense of myself with a smug image of good behavior that alternates with a marrow deep fear of rejection fueled by present-day failures and old old insecurities.

But over the last few weeks, the whisper, “Beloved,” has begun to drown out that noisy cycle. Will you come with me on this October journey, into the heart of our Belovedness and out through the fingertips of how we can give it away?


6 thoughts on “Day One: The Beloved Identity and a Planted Seed

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  2. Ruthi

    I have never thought of it this way either… what am I doing with my belovedness… will be thinking about this today.

  3. tonia

    how lovely…I will remember this, Missy. What a beautiful series this is going to be! I’m excited to join you, my friend, and excited to see what God uncovers in you through the discipline.

    thank you.


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