More to Love: a Little More on the 31 Days to Come

Today I wanted to share a bit more about what to expect in the upcoming 31 Days series here at A Daily Portion. Melissa at The Inspired Room, who is writing about the holidays, has divided her larger topic into four different themes for the weeks of the month. Doing the same really helped me  order my thinking about Belovedness.

The first week, I’ll be writing about the Beloved Identity. When we understand we are loved by God, in a way that we cannot add to or subtract from, it changes so much about how we live and how we ourselves love. But there can be many obstacles to living into our beloved identity. We can feel that love can only be earned, that we are damaged in some way that makes us unlovable. Betrayal and pain can divide us from a sense of Belovedness. I’ll explore those ideas in the first week.

Starting October 8, we’ll look into the Faces of the Beloved, in our bathroom mirror, across the dinner table, on the pillows in the bunk beds, in our circles of influence and on the other side of the globe. How does seeing others as incalculably precious and eternally loved alter how we relate and interact?

In week three, we’ll consider the Beloved Home or a Home for the Beloved. Home is where we return at the end of the day, where we gather in our own space. Can walls and couches and picture frames and board games whisper Belovedness?  You know I believe they can, and I’ll write about that in week three.

Finally, in the last week of October, I’ll describe a vision for some facets of a Beloved Life. We are not generically loved, we are specifically created and loved in our uniqueness. We have a voice or a vision, we have the work of our hands, whether pottery or pot roast, we have words and our own memories to describe the ways we’ve been loved, and to show how we love. A life grounded in Belovedness freely gives, celebrates, is unafraid of weeping or laughing long. I’m only beginning to discover it. Will you glimpse it with me?

Six posts each week will be followed by one rest post, just an image, a bit of Scripture or a quotation. Because of how dates fall in October, those rests will not come on Sunday. Please observe whatever unplugged time feeds your soul–  the posts will all be here.

I’m breathless and timid and every day I stumble over old wounds that remind me I barely know what I’m talking about here. I see through a glass darkly. But I know the flickers I’m catching can change me and grow me, bring me up into a life boundless with loving and being loved well.


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