31 Days of Belovedness in October

 October 1-31 @ A Daily Portion

October has begun! Please scroll to the bottom for a list of links to all my 31 Days posts. 

When I read that the Nester and several other talented bloggers were doing themed thirty-one days series again this October, initially I was just excited that I’d get to read lots of great posts and dig deeper into some of the topics they’re pursuing.

Then these women opened the door, and invited anyone who wanted to join in to talk about their thirty-one fold idea, and create a blog badge ready to link up at the beginning of October.

And, oh yeah, then post every day in October.

I knew at once what God has been placing before me, at every turn, for several weeks. What is changing me, changing my relationships, transforming my thinking, dropping moments of crystal clarity into the midst of my foggy soul-vision. I felt I should commit to sharing this gift, unwrapping a bit more of it in each day in October.

And, as always happens in the marriage of words and images for me, I’ll keep discovering more as we go, all together.

I am nervous about so much shooting and writing, so much posting. I’m worried about sounding glib, about treading without care on others’ hurting. I fear clumsy words and clumsier theology. I want to come humbly to this, no expert, only one on the edge of living into this.

But everywhere, everywhere this is before me. So each day in October, I’m going to set the table here. And all the place cards say

I am beloved.

You are beloved.

We are loved by the one who made us, before our first breath and beyond our last. It is a state of being, a love in which we dwell like our skin.

This love is unearned by good behavior, un-lost by mistakes and mis-steps. Present whether felt or acknowledged. The struggle of life does not negate it.

And everywhere too, from the mirror to the carline, across the globe and across the dinner table, we are surrounded by the faces of the beloved.

Will you join me, for 31 Days of Belovedness? Starting here on October 1st, A Daily Portion.

Day One: The Beloved Identity and a Planted Seed

Day Two: A Reminder of the Beloved Identity

Day Three: Unearned Identity and a Love to Dwell In

Day Four: Beloved Identity from a Broken Childhood

Day Five: Broken and Beautiful

Day Six: Belovedness as Our Operating System

Day Seven: Rest

Day Eight: Faces of the Beloved, In the Mirror

Day Nine: Faces of the Beloved: Forgiving Old Faces

Day Ten: Faces of the Beloved: Our Husbands

Day Eleven: Faces of the Beloved: Our Children

Day Twelve: Faces of the Beloved: Put a Leaf in the Table

Day Thirteen: Faces of the Beloved: A World of Faces

Day Fourteen: Rest

Day Fifteen: The Beloved Home Takes Time

Day Sixteen: Make Peace With Imperfections in Your Beloved Home

Day Seventeen: Beloved and Orderly

Day Eighteen: A Beloved Home for Everyone

Day Nineteen: Touchably Beloved

Day Twenty: Love on the Walls of the Beloved Home

Day Twenty-One: Rest

Day Twenty-Two: The Beloved Life Has a Story to Tell

Day Twenty-Three: The Beloved Life Speaks Love

Day Twenty-Four: The Beloved Life Folds the Towels

Day Twenty-Five: The Beloved Life Creates

Day Twenty-Six: The Beloved Life Celebrates Others

Day Twenty-Seven: The Beloved Life Keeps a Record

Day Twenty-Eight: Rest

Day Twenty-Nine: Beloved in Every Season

Day Thirty: Beloved Beyond Boundaries

Day Thirty-One: Behold the Beloved



9 thoughts on “31 Days of Belovedness in October

  1. ruthidejong

    Join you?! I can’t wait to “sit across the table” from you and hear God’s heart through your words. I had thought about participating in this 31 days event but with a miracle grandson arriving any day now and living life “on the this side of this screen” as you say, I knew it was not the right time for me. I am so happy you are doing it and I believe your topic, “beloved” is exactly what God wants me to hear right now. He is so good!!!

    1. adailyportion Post author

      Ruthi– you are a treasure– how wonderful to know that very soon you will be part of wrapping a new little one in love! Thanks for coming along– I only wish that cup of coffee could be in person!

  2. Trish

    I agree with Ruthi! I can’t wait to hear what God is showing you, too. I love your topic!! One we all so desperately need. And you can do this, Missy! You need never worry about sounding glib or clumsy. You are incredibly articulate and always communicate with a sensitive heart. I pray that you will have a fine-tuned listening ear to what God is telling you, that you will have the confidence and ability to share it, and most of all, that you and all your readers will be changed by the great truth of being God’s beloved!

    1. adailyportion Post author

      Trish, I am praying for you that you are especially wrapped in His belovedness in this season. Thank you for being such a faithful cyber friend, to come by and encourage just when I am looking at this great big calendar page!

  3. Barbie

    I found you through Nester’s “31 Day” test link up. I love your blog button. And I refer to myself as His beloved one. I am definately following you along. Blessings!

    1. adailyportion Post author

      Barbie– Thanks so much for stopping by. I feel I am only scratching the surface of this understanding of our identity, but it is so compelling I knew at once I had to take this month long journey. I look forward to visiting your blog as well!

  4. Joy McLaughlin

    I love your theme, and it’s so timely! When we really grasp who we are in His eyes and realize, like you said, we haven’t earned it and can’t lose it, it’s life-changing. Please keep sharing. I can’t wait to hear what God reveals through you this month. God bless you!


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