Here At Home: Down the Hall, Bedrooms and Baths

Good morning. It is a drizzly, foggy morning here in SC, and I am feeling happy that all the pictures of the house were taken on slightly better natural light days. But we’ve been profoundly dry here most of the summer, so each shower overnight, each slow soaking in day is a gift.

Thanks for coming back for the conclusion of the house tour. Lots of pictures in this post, as I take you into the other part of the “L” that is our house, down the hall to bedrooms and baths.

Here’s where our boys sleep and play. I will tell you three things honestly:  I had cleaned the room the day this photo was taken, the photo is not very good, and the angle was carefully selected. But this room says something I’m passionate about in making home. I would not choose Nascar and monster trucks and images of the most fearsome Lord of the Rings scenes. I would not choose innumerable jars and rocks and shells and bottlecaps. But this is their space, to make theirs. A little spackle later is a small price to pay for their ever-changing self-expression.

Across the hall is one of our two bathrooms. It has gotten a light facelift type renovation, with a new floor and countertop and sink. But behind the white shower curtain lurks the original tub. It is lilac. Really.

Here’s another use for one of our old windows. I had one of my photos of the Middle Saluda river enlarged to poster size and just glued it to the back of the window frame.

On down the hall is our multi-pupose guest room.

A little but country. . .

and a little bit rock and roll.

Sorry, could not resist.

When the boys expressed an interest in learning drum set, it was time for John’s to come down from the attic. When we have company, they can go farther into the corner and be covered by a quilt, but in the meantime we need to live in our whole house, while we keep a welcoming space for guests.

Our guest space was created on a shoestring. My favorite project was this mirror, snagged at Goodwill for $8.50. I added the medallion and painted it cream.

Finally, across the hall is the master bedroom and bathroom.

Everywhere we have lived, it has been important to me that my and John’s private space be inviting, warm, and beautiful. It is easy to make the public spaces of a home lovely while neglecting those only family sees. Since the concept of “master bed and bath” was very different when our house was built in the early sixties, these are small rooms and tidiness and simplicity are a must. One of us makes the bed every morning because it takes up the whole room!

Our master bath did have to be professionally redone last year after we discovered that when we showered in it, a shower was happening in the crawl space as well. So our wonderful contractor gave us new walls, subfloor and shower stall, and John finished all the surfaces and installed the sink and toilet. It is tiny but works hard, since the boys prefer our shower to their purple palace down the hall! 🙂

Thank you for coming to our home over the last few days. It has been my joy to share it with you.

Like any home that represents the joys, pursuits and creations of living people, our home is never complete. “Done” and “Finished” may apply to individual projects, but never the home as a whole.

So do something new today–   frame a photograph, move a chair, make a corner for reading or knitting or making bread.  Making home is a joy and a journey, sometimes away from others’ expectations, catalogues and HGTV and into a space our own soul has been longing for.




5 thoughts on “Here At Home: Down the Hall, Bedrooms and Baths

  1. Trish

    3 things:
    -I LOVE the window with the picture behind it. What a great idea!!! Maybe I should do that with a spring picture to hang up when we are covered up in snow this winter!
    -You are a very wise mama! Rooms can definitely be patched up later, but it is so good you are giving your boys space to be boys!
    -And I love your perspective on making our home a place that our souls long for. That’s what matters!!

  2. Kristin

    Missy, I too, love the old window frame with the waterfall photo! You are such a creative spirit. Thank you, not only for inviting us into your home, but also for the gentle reminder that creating a home that reflects our spirits is more important than achieving “perfection.”


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