Here at Home: Our Kitchen

My little house tour lands today in our kitchen. This is the room that has seen the most dramatic transformation since we moved into our house. The changes happened in a couple of large chunks, and were all DIY projects. Come on in!

Coming into our house from the carport, this is the view you’ll have of the kitchen. When we bought the house, the cabinets were dark wood and brown indoor/outdoor carpet covered the kitchen floor. (Don’t think too much about carpet in a kitchen.) The first summer we lived here, we ripped up the carpet and John laid our charcoal and ivory tile floor. As in intermediate, inexpensive step to brighten things, we painted the walls pale green and the cabinets ivory. At the time, where you see our stove, there was a cooktop with cabinets over it and a small built-in oven to the right.  In the second stage of renovation, eighteen months ago, we took out those overhead cabinets and the oven and cooktop, installed the range, and added the pendant lights. We painted the cabinets black because. . .

. . . we really needed to add more cabinet and counter space. There was no built in cabinetry in this corner of the kitchen, to the right of the door where you come in, so we added base cabinets from IKEA and created my baking center. We took one of the drawer fronts to Lowes and had the finish color-matched to black paint for the existing cabinetry. Silver retro hardware and new wood countertops unified old and new. (The framed picture is Julia Child. :-)) I chose a warm mellow gold for the walls.

So here is the kitchen from the other end, standing in the doorway of the living room. When we replaced the countertops we widened the peninsula to allow for a bar. We eat breakfast and lunch here, and I love to sit and plan menus here in the morning–  the room gets beautiful light. This is one of my favorite corners of the house, and where I recharge when I have a few moments. Since I am in the kitchen a lot, and there are so many necessary things that HAVE to be in a kitchen, I am very choosy about purely decorative things. We need to love what we give that visual real estate to.

These are a couple of recent additions.

I believe the folks at IKEA called this a bookcase, but it houses all our everyday dishes, larger serving pieces and a shelf of cookbooks.

When we need to replace our stove and dishwasher, we will go with black appliances instead of ivory. However, in the meantime, I am delighted with our remodel-in-stages. The kitchen works both harder and smarter for us now, and is a happy place. This is the view from the family room doorway,  where we’ll go tomorrow. Thanks for visiting our kitchen!


12 thoughts on “Here at Home: Our Kitchen

  1. Lisa wilson

    Your kitchen is adorable!! I love it! things are moving a mile a minute but maybe we can catch up one of these days…
    Lisa wilson

  2. ruthidejong

    LOVE your kitchen and how you do it yourself! I am especially excited to see the red IKEA “bookcase” because I have been thinking of getting it for exactly the same purpose! I think I may have made up my mind now… you have stored things in it beautifully. How fun would it be to sit at your bar and have a coffee chat 🙂 You have a way of making that valuable real estate called home beautiful. I am inspired… can’t wait for what’s next!

    1. adailyportion Post author

      Ruthi– there is a barstool and cup here for you! I have been really happy with the IKEA piece. It stores a ton, is fun to accessorize and was a great price for so much storage

      I wish we had gotten more time together at Image of the Maker– it seems like a beautiful blur, looking back. But I’m so glad for the connection we made!

  3. Mollie

    holy cow!!! I have not seen it since you have done all these things! it is totally a new kitchen and i love it… you are truly gifted.

    1. adailyportion Post author

      Mollie– we are a mutual admiration society because you know I love your home– we need to have you guys over!

      I cant say every part of the project was fun, but it was definitely worth it.

  4. Katy

    Loce, LOVE the home tour. I adore your kitchen, very workable and homey and very beautiful.
    Can i have a slice of that cake when I come over for coffee?;)

  5. adailyportion Post author

    Ah, sadly Katy, the boys and John polished off the cake soon after these photos were shot. But I’ll make a fresh one for you! Come on down!

    And thanks for coming by the blog!

  6. Trish

    Missy, I think you and your husband should go in the remodeling business! What talent and creativity you have. I love the floor!! I agree about the ineffectiveness of carpet. Before we built our home, every house we lived in had carpet in the bathroom! YUCK! We don’t have a stitch of carpet in our house now. And I love your cozy little corner! If I had a corner like that, I would probably never get around to cooking!!!

  7. adailyportion Post author

    Ah, thank you Trish– I am not sure anyone else would want our “more dash than cash” methods.

    I do love our wood and tile. We have one area rug and a couple of throw rugs, but other than that it is all dust mops around here. I just tried not to think what might be lurking in kitchen carpet!

    Thanks for coming by!


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