Here at Home: Our Foyer

Good morning. And welcome to the brick and mortar home of A Daily Portion, a little peek inside my here. We’ll begin, naturally enough, in the foyer.

Except, of course, no one ever comes into the house that way.  Ever.

Our house was built in the early sixties and is a sort of L shaped brick ranch, placed perhaps a little oddly on its lot. I say oddly because the “front door,” that opens into the foyer, that has the little porch and sidelights, is nowhere near the driveway or carport. It is kind of near the mailbox.  But everybody comes to the door inside the carport, or this other weird little door from which no one can be heard from inside the house. Knock and knock, we may love you, but we will never let you in.


So this little space has some storage for coats and hats, but is mostly a passing through space to make pretty. In this house where our other rooms work pretty hard. I love that. So, above, is a telephone bench or “gossip bench” we bought from an antique store in NC when we were first married. The thing that looks like a shutter is the lid of an ammunition crate, also dating from our time at Fort Bragg. I’ve taken advantage of this place we don’t linger in to layer a bit, add some texture. Some of my photography in a chunky frame, etsy art, magnolia in macro, and Johns djembe, which actually just got put down here on the way to somewhere else, but I like it there.

My Make It Real project found a home on the sliver of wall between our coat closet door and the hallway. Yay for completed and hung!

On the other side of that closet door hangs one of our treasures, a barnwood coat rack made by our friend Doug.  He assembles his shelves and coat racks out of aged wood and antique hardware, hooks, doorknobs, and pipe fittings. Beneath my husband’s corduroy collared jacket is a little castor. I love the juxtaposition of the weathered grain and the sparkle of the knobs.

The recipe I have for decorating includes utility and beauty, but more specifically, I want the form and function of our home to reveal the loves and pursuits of all four of us, for these communal spaces to tell a collected story of our life together, what this man and woman and these two boys love to see and hear, do and make.

Thank you for coming by. See you tomorrow, in our ‘Living/Everything” room.


10 thoughts on “Here at Home: Our Foyer

  1. Trish

    Missy, I love this! My home growing up was just like you described. It was a brick ranch-style house and even though there was a little sidewalk that went from the driveway up to the “front door”, no one ever used the front door unless it was a traveling salesman! Everyone used the kitchen door off the porch.

    I love your decorating style, especially how you describe it as reflecting the whole family’s lifestyle. In so many families, the children aren’t included in that design. Can’t wait to see the rest of your house!

  2. adailyportion Post author

    Oh, yes, Trish, we have a “sidewalk to nowhere” also!

    I dearly love our house, but it is amusing when we have any kind of repairman try to find his way out of the door he thinks he came in. 🙂

  3. Kimberly

    What fun! I love our foyer simply because there is nothing in it, but a rug. It is the only place with nothing in it, mind you. Besides, no one comes in there anyway. (Why do we all have front doors??? )

    It is freshly painted, except the part at the light where I forgot to paint. (Maybe when we get the paints back out to do the kitchen?) The wood floor in the foyer is wonderful, though in need of some loving attention. Maybe it will get some in the dead of winter. There is the lovely glass and wood door with the brass art deco doorknob that goes up the stairs and next to it is a plain wooden door that goes to the elevator. (What doesn’t everyone have an elevator in their 1920 farmhouse? I should do a post on that elevator soon.)

    The foyer opens to the living room on one side and the dining room on the other. It measures probably five feet by four feet. Maybe I’ll hang a little something someday, but the widest wall space is about 10 inches, so maybe not.

    I love all your special little touches in your foyer. 🙂

  4. vegforlife2011

    I love how the entry has beauty and function. Sometimes I miss that. All beauty, no function or fully functional and ugly. Your home tour will be a great inspiration for me. Just like I feel after I visit your home. 🙂

  5. Kristin

    I really have been looking forward to this series of posts, as I love seeing how you have embued your home with the “spirit of loveliness!” Now that my two are back in school and I am beginning to find my own rhythm, I find my creative wheels turning with ideas for those imcomplete spaces in our new home. As for our foyer, my late grandmother’s chiming wall clock is the “centerpiece” when you come in the front door, along with a reclaimed wooden peg rack for coats, a watercolor painting that my mom completed for us of Crabtree Falls, and a striped cotton rug on the floor. The house that we lived-in before moving this year had a rarely used front door with no foyer to speak of, so I am enjoying having this space to greet our friends and family:)

  6. ruthidejong

    thanks Missy for a peek into your warm and lovely home. I love how your desire is to reveal the love and pursuits of all your family members. Can’t wait for the next post!


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