“September has come, It is hers whose vitality leaps in the autumn,


Whose nature prefers
Trees without leaves and a fire in the fire-place.”
– Louis MacNeice, “Autumn Journal”
       Something in me both eased and awakened this weekend as the air cooled, for though this is the nineteenth day of September on the calendar, the soul of the month arrived Friday in upstate South Carolina. All weekend I felt a renewed joy in our home, in cooking and nesting. In orange and gold and red and rust. In music and words and all the simple joys these four walls hold like a basket.
      So, this week here at A Daily Portion, some photos of our home. Not because this is a decorating blog, or because we live in a model showplace. I’ve turned my lens to our spaces because this is where so much of my making goes, into making this home warm and welcoming and comfortable for our family and for those to whom we open it. I know that an atmosphere of calm, beauty order and creativity contributes to our family life. This can be done without a lot of money or professional help, but at the same time, I recognize that having time and resource to devote to a space is a luxury in and of itself. Comfort and stewardship of what we have are uncomfortable questions, especially since we found our church home this spring. Our eyes have been opened as never before to the weight of our blessing, the depth of our responsibility, but we are just beginning to navigate those deep waters as a family.
     But in thinking about sharing our spaces here, I realized something much more simple. I want to share my surroundings because I’m here so much. This is where I write from, cook from, read and make from. Since I cannot drive, especially during the week, I’m here. And for those of you who stop by A Daily Portion, I wanted to open the door, ask you in, share our personal family canvas.
     So, see you tomorrow. Here at home.

3 thoughts on ““September has come, It is hers whose vitality leaps in the autumn,

  1. Mollie

    my heart echoes yours in this… fall is my favorite season… full of spice and pumpkins and warm, jewel tones. I feel most alive in the fall. I am already looking at what new cool weather recipes I can find. What I love is that God didn’t have to make seasons and such wonderful rich textures to life but He did just because He loves us. Just another way of many that He shows us that.


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