Made It Real In Mid-September

This little experiment I’ve been practicing, of turning all the pixels and urls and pins and dog-eared tear sheets into beauty, function and food seems to be working. This has been a week without much margin, and my family and I need margin, but tucked in corners, making has happened. I’ve been a little slower to add new ideas to the physical or virtual pile, a little more realistic about what ideas will make the leap into reality.  So, here’s a peek:

I mentioned some craft failures in my last post. Despite pinning many great tutorials for making fabric flowers, and despite following their excellent directions, I forgot that textiles are never my medium. Determined to have something cute and felty and fallish to pin on my sweater, I went back to this old reliable standby, Blair Peter’s tutorial, and made it up in two tones of felt. Success at last, and no picking Fabri-Tac off my fingers.

I’m still sighing a little for the lovely, textural Dahlia  I’d pinned, but part of Making It Real for me has to be good enough–  that it is better to have something fun that makes me smile finished than obsessing and getting frustrated over what might just be beyond my skill or patience.

Also on the home front, I’ve been doing some fall cleaning in the house, and doing my regular evaluation of how I can make our spaces work harder for us, as well as surround us with beauty and coziness as fall begins. I’m thinking about a photo house tour next week, since that project is where a lot of my real-making energy has been going.

With apologies to any low-carb friends, I’ll share a couple of recipes we’ve enjoyed. Divine Breadsticks are amazingly quick, delicious, and make lots. I’ve only made them twice, but they did elicit cries of joy.

My husband’s favorite treat is shortbread, and I usually make the simplest version, from a Martha Stewart recipe from many Christmases ago. But I had clipped this recipe for Mocha Shortbread from a Family Circle magazine, and it was a hit. The espresso undertone cuts the sweetness of the chocolate and sugar. Next time I’ll sprinkle the top with sea salt.

It is cool and blustery here today, another season knocking at the door. Wishing you a beautiful weekend, with the inspiration to make it so.


5 thoughts on “Made It Real In Mid-September

  1. adailyportion Post author

    Keisha– please do, and share on your blog! Just having that little phrase in mind is keeping me moving forward with actually doing some of the wonderful things I’ve “been meaning to.”

    Thanks for visiting everyone. After I posted this, I made another felt flower pin, this time with all right burgundy felt, and I might like the monochromatic version even better.

    Happy weekend!
    Make it real!


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