The Texture of Last Week

It has been quiet here at A Daily Portion, but only because the life on the other side of this screen has been chock full of the loud real.  I dug my hands into several pinned projects, only to admit craft defeat on must of them. I made some good meals but burned my hand pretty badly Then, my elder boy broke his ankle in a recess basketball game and we are navigating crutches and doctor appointments.  Keeping it pretty real.

But real has meant good too. That boy on the bench has good spirits and helpful teachers and friends. Sweet nieces came over with presents for their injured cousin. In the midst of the mayhem, Mr. Daily Portion and I celebrated sixteen years together with a delicious dinner out. I got some creative rejuvenation at a craft fair with a dear friend. One of our new friends at church was back on Sunday after being gone for most of the summer. The days are warm and sunny but the nights are cool.

So I’m still here, balancing the ups and downs, remembering that texture and richness require shadow and light,



4 thoughts on “The Texture of Last Week

  1. Beth

    Been wondering how you’re doing. Missy. Sounds like it’s been a pretty busy time. The Indie Craft Parade sounds wonderful. You’ll have to let me know if they do something like this again. I’d love to come down!

  2. Jennifer Restine

    Sorry to hear about your little one’s broken ankle – how awful! Let’s get together soon. It’s been too long:(


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