What I Was There to Hear, What I Came Home Singing

I’ve never struggled with ego about my art-making with the lens. I’ve long known Other Hands and Eyes are at work when I lift the camera.  I’ve always been sure that I’m just supposed to show up. The rest is His.  But I’ve still struggled in my making, in my very living, with fear, a sense of unworthiness, sand slipping from beneath my steps as I tried to find my footing.

It turns out that God had a simple yet profound Truth for me to hear again in North Carolina.

“All that you need, all that you need

He’s all that you need

There’s no way to earn

What you’ve already got

Nothing to lose

When you’re loved from the start”

“All That You Need”

Christa Wells

I stand firm, I lift the camera, I tap the keyboard with the confidence that His love cannot be lost, and His love plus my brokenness makes art that reflects back to Him. I did not earn it, I cannot lose it.

And today, as I continue to process all He was speaking to me during the retreat, I’m singing it.





2 thoughts on “What I Was There to Hear, What I Came Home Singing

  1. Mindy Anders

    i hear you! I love to read your blog. your heart is right there on the page and it is beautiful. this reminds me it is probably time for me to go on a retreat again. it’s been a long time.


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