Image of the Maker

                                                                                                                                         Made Whole Cross, created at Image of the Maker

I have returned from a twenty-four hour retreat in North Carolina with Ann Voskamp, Christa Wells and Nicole Witt called Image of the Maker. I registered in February and have long anticipated this weekend. Now I am home, and the laundry is on the line, and the meal planning needs doing, and the boys and I have only a couple of chapters left in our read aloud. The current continues, the one in which I walk, and I am back ankle deep in it.

But different, oh, I pray, different.

Before I left, I asked God to break me open if needed, make me ready to receive what He might do with this focused time to consider being a follower of Jesus who creates. For some months, through the loss our family has experienced braided with the continued pace of the living, I’ve felt a hard crust grow. One through which it is hard for photo taking, word shaping, art making, or wholehearted worship to crack.

I asked. And gently, He broke me open that He might come in. Laid bare in talk and song and the silences between all my pieces were there, all the lonely places my frenzied seeking for approval, acceptance, love have only injured and re-injured.

I did not know I could shed so many tears.

What Ann would tell me, what she did tell us in that room, what Christa and Nicole sang to us by that lake, is that our brokenness is what our art is made of, that when we show our wounds, others will reveal theirs and in that authentic space, art is made where a wounded Savior is revealed.

And by His Wounds, we are all healed.

I’ll be processing this weekend for a long time, asking God what He would make of me with it, what I would make for Him with it.

Today I am shaky and timid and tired and thankful.

And longing to live the giftedness for the glory of the Giver.


11 thoughts on “Image of the Maker

  1. Trish

    So beautifully expressed, Missy!!! I feel the same way. I feel like a dry and weary place has just been watered with a refreshing summer rain. I came away so encouraged, so humbled, yet so motivated. Thank you for all the ways you reached out to me. I wish I had known about your loss. Your family will be in my prayers.

  2. Beth

    I’m eager to see how God wants to use this weekend and the reminders that our brokenness and our giftedness are the places we create for his glory. Praying that the hard crust is cracked open and that the seeds planted this weekend will sprout in beautiful, life-giving ways.

    I will never forget walking in that room and seeing you and the great big hug. Joy!

  3. Aimee

    “Today I am shaky and timid and tired and thankful.”

    Me too friend. It’s going to take a while for me to process it all…good, deep stuff.

  4. Kristin Blankenship

    Oh, Missy, this is beautiful! I can only imagine what a meaningful weekend this was for you and understand how you will need to process for a while. Ann’s book ,One Thousand Gifts, truly touched me, as I keep returning to her words again and again, reminding myself to give thanks all day, every day. Thank you for sharing your weekend blessings with us.

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  7. ruthidejong

    Missy, you have put into words so beautifully what I too am feeling… what we all must be feeling after such a time. And yes, I also pray I will not forget and will be changed. You inspire and encourage. I am blessed to have met you. Thank you!

  8. Linda

    I am here from Ann’s. Thank you for this. How I longed to be there. If you can, will you share more of what the Father taught you there. I would love to hear.

  9. Lisa

    Visiting from Ann’s.

    ” our brokenness is what our art is made of, that when we show our wounds, others will reveal theirs and in that authentic space, art is made where a wounded Savior is revealed.”
    Beautiful and challenging. Thanks!


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