(photo: detail from thrifted shirt, June, 2011)

I’m kind of a silly blogger. (And infrequent, and rather lackadaisical as well 🙂  I’ve been wanting to post all week. But usually when I sit down to write, I have one big idea I’m unpacking, turning over in my mind. And these first days of summer are much more conducive to lots of little things, scattered like sandals on the patio, or cake crumbs after supper. I’ve been resisting doing a list post.

Until I remembered that I LOVE list posts, reading what people are reading, and eating, and watching, and growing. It can be like a peek over her shoulder at a splattered recipe card in the kitchen, or a glimpse of the titles on her nightstand. Those lists are little fairy doors and windows into each other’s afternoon hours and early mornings.

So here, in my hands, are a collection of our little things:

What’s on your list, these early summer days? What’s looking good, sounding good, feeling good, speaking His goodness to you?

3 thoughts on “Listed

  1. Beth

    I can’t wait that we are going to meet face to face!!! That’s a top one on my list right now. Plus gardening, reading on the porch, walking in the heat (yeah, weird, I know), and eating watermelon tomato salad. That farm in Pickens sounds wonderful. I’ve never seen any place that you can pick figs! I love figs…and blackberries…and blueberries. What a wonderful farm!

  2. Beth

    OK. I just read that first sentence and it perhaps belies the fact that I’ve been working out in the heat all afternoon. I suppose it should read “I can’t wait to meet you face to face – so soon! Missy, I am very excited for the retreat and so eager to spend time with you. What a sweet blessing.

  3. kimberly

    looking good—sunshine after days of rain
    sounding good–the songs of the birds in the trees
    smelling good–lilacs!!
    feeling good–the sunshine on my back as I work in the pasture
    His goodness–all.


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