The Real Things

I’ve been wanting to come here and write, each day, I plan to, but I am feeling quiet. My father-in-law is very ill in a hospital five hours from here. Though in recent days there have been some small improvements, and a little ground gained, still we live on from update to update, still the phone rings and sounds like a pause between question and answer. That is the land we’re living in, and my words have been spent in other ways.


And at some moments there have not been words. Either I’m too floored by how short words fall from comfort. Or I’m too grateful for all the prayers that have been prayed for us all, and all the kindness shown. Or too amazed by how a pie and a salad can fill me again with “Jesus loves me,” because a neighbor became His Hands and Feet.

Slowly this week we are finding our rhythm. Last week felt like a crazy swing from moment to moment. This one feels more like settling in for a longer journey. So I’m the mom here–  I’m finding the bits of good and normal in our days and nights. I’m making granola bars and creating a little. Some laughter is filtering in around the cracks like sunshine underneath the door.

Yesterday I posted this Laura Ingalls Wilder quote on my facebook page:

“The real things haven’t changed.

It is still best to be honest and truthful;

to make the most of what we have;

to be happy with simple pleasures;

and have courage when things go wrong.”

We are surely living deep in the real things just now. Wilder’s wisdom has the ring of authority, since she was a woman who lived through much joy and many sorrows, much practice in contentedness and courage. Those are my watchwords this spring.


3 thoughts on “The Real Things

  1. Jennifer

    I have my own favorite Laura quotes, but that one was a beauty. 🙂

    Sometimes when deep trials strike close to home, it feels like we have just stepped off the spinning planet for a few minutes while everyone else is moving swiftly along… life is so much more fragile than we realize, and it’s good to remember what is truly important. Thanks for posting, I will pray for your family today and remember to be thankful for what is truly important today, myself.

  2. Modern Country Style

    It sounds as though you have lovely neighbours. It’s amazing how little moments of kindness can speak so deeply, isn’t it?

    I’m so, so sorry to hear about your pain. It must be really hard to be so far away.

    You’re in my prayers, and thoughts.



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