Lent Begins

Ash Wednesday Meditation

Snow clouds gather as I emerge into this night.

My breath is white smoke and my forehead bears

The clumsy cross, what’s left of all my spent


Burning beneath it, the memory of oil

And promises, Your whisper, “beloved,”

Breathed on me in consumed yesterdays,

Tomorrows unblemished as white stones,

And on this night.

Lenten promises and foresakings

Set before me, a plan to meet You, I pause,

Between heaven and earth, this midweek cold

And Easter morning, dust and dust, death

And resurrection. All my pretty plans

Burn brightly in offering.

I find You want only space made for You:

The nod for the blessing of waking,

The drawn-in breath before kneeling,

The forty-fold admission that You fill

Utterly, in a world that knows gluttony

Or lack. My frosty breath is prayer,

For bare altars, dry jug let down

For well-water, an empty tomb,

A me-shaped vessel for Your Lenten portion.

Reposted from my first blog, four years ago.


One thought on “Lent Begins

  1. tonia

    GORGEOUS. “what’s left of all my spent Hosannas”

    I have the clumsy cross today for the first time and I am so sobered and thankful.

    blessed Lent to you, my friend.


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