Handwritten Letters, Texting and Coffee, Long Distance Phone Calls, Facebook, and Me

Just to go ahead and answer the main question you might have after reading this:  Yes, I overthink everything.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, I’ll tell you that I rejoined Facebook yesterday. I had an account I started a couple of years ago, deactivated it at the beginning of last summer, and deleted my old account in the fall in the midst of a sort of Luddite temper tantrum.

Here’s the thing–  I love long chats over coffee and handwritten cards and letters. I love satisfying phone calls where the topics range from parenting to decor ideas to books and love and God’s infinite kindness. With my poor poor vision I can’t see that tiny screen to text, and though I surf and blog and yes, now facebook, I move pretty clumsily from one technical platform to the other. Often  it feels as if the world is whooshing by me and I’m just too slow, too un-savvy, to keep up. We’ve made some choices in our family life that are out of touch with the cries of “I’m so busy!!!” that I seem to hear all around me. Not more right, just different. And definitely right for us.

But we’ve faced some facts. Like it our not, we ARE out of step with our demographic. Increasingly we do not speak the language of our culture. We are getting left behind.

And more simply put, I’ve missed seeing the photos and day to day updates from dear ones across the country. Sometimes I’ve missed sending little bits of me and my day out to those who knew me when. So I’m reminding myself it is a tool, one to use at my own pace. I will challenge myself that high school need not be recreated in Facebook’s blue and white walls.  Good and beloved relationships can only be strengthened by another line of communication. I will resist the temptation to tailor my profile and posts to make me appear cooler, more artful, more spiritual than I am.

And I’ll keep writing those handmade cards and pouring cups of coffee.


5 thoughts on “Handwritten Letters, Texting and Coffee, Long Distance Phone Calls, Facebook, and Me

  1. Rachel

    good thoughts here friend. so hard to navigate this crazy world of ours, but i love doing it with you, in whatever mode we find ourselves at the given moment.

    my fav is face to face of course… see you in a few! 🙂

  2. elizabeth

    I held out on FB for a long time, but am really glad I’m there on my terms–I have definitely stuck by a few guidelines of my own about how I use my time there, and it makes it much more valuable a way to spend a little time. I owe a lot to FB as it ended up being the tool that succeeded in finding some long-lost relatives on both Matt’s and my side of the family where everything else had failed! : )

  3. tonia

    boy do i understand where you are coming from, missy. and i’m *glad* to have you on FB. and *glad* to have you blogging. and *glad* to have you in letters.

    you are dear.

  4. kimberly

    🙂 Hand-written notes are best and long cups of coffee. And for that, I am hoping to dash out to the local coffee shop for bit later.
    I think recognizing all technology as tools for us to use and control, and not to let it all control us is key.


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