Not To Be Missed

Please don’t miss this post from the lovely Emily at Chatting at the Sky today. Over these January weeks she’s been telling us, this year, we will make art. And then, almost as if she can hear our denials, our demurring, even Β the whisper soft closings of our bedroom doors, she’s been daring to name the obsticles we feel rising up between us and our art making. Naming the enemies of our passionate creation. Nudging us toward delight.

And then today, she talks about what to do when we serve up our art and folks say, “No, thank you,” drifting away from the circle of our lens or pen or brush. She asks us to be hostesses to those who come to our table, rather than worrying about why others dine elsewhere.

Oh, goodness, I wish I was there. Whisking off my apron, opening the door with a smile.

I’m stuck in the kitchen. Oven hot, ingredients arrayed. But my fingers clamped fearfully to the rim of an empty mixing bowl. In it I see the reflection of that little girl, passionately in love with language, scared stiff with the fear of rejection. Will this be the year I really measure and stir, shape and rise? Test with fire and taste and savor?

Will this be the year I actually write more than I talk about writing?



4 thoughts on “Not To Be Missed

  1. Jennifer

    Well. First of all, I should tell you that I read your blog pretty regularly and yet I haven’t commented. You do have a way with words, and I enjoy the quiet place here. So I’d like to say I’m listening, and it is always a pleasure to visit!

    I just wrote an essay for a little thing I won’t bore you with here, but it was all about “story,” and how it is the language of God and we ought not be ashamed of speaking in that language, nor of telling our own stories. I walked away from it, and only days later thought to myself, “that means you, too, Jen.” πŸ™‚ Your words here echo some of my thoughts along those lines.

    It’s hard — there are so many voices. Beautiful, wise voices. It feels important (and yet what an effort!) to be heard. But I like this word-picture presented! I learned long ago that a dinner party is MUCH more enjoyable if you just sit at a table and wait to see who will join you — and then fully enjoy THAT conversation, instead of wondering what you’re missing out on. The infinite variety of people is a gift. And yet so many are left behind in high school’s goldfish bowl, by their own choice. πŸ™‚ The blogworld isn’t much different sometimes, despite our best efforts at community. It is good to remember these things, and words ARE powerful and good words ARE lifegiving, no matter if one person hears or one hundred.

    I was just pondering last night that creativity is a life-giving process… we breathe life into words, echoing the way God breathed into Adam. Good writers of good story breathe life into characters until we feel they live for us. The more I consider this, the more amazed I am by the invitation we have to join in God’s creativity…

    I’m rambling and rattling on. But it feels like conversation! My blog has lain latent for many months, it served its purpose of gathering my wooly thoughts, and communicating with family, for many years, and then the thoughts just seemed to lose their focus again… so I laid it aside and focused on “real life.”
    I have thought from time to time of re-creating a cleaner version on wordpress, but so far it too lays empty. I don’t know. I’ll leave my URL, because I know how that is — a comment without a URL feels like a wraith. πŸ™‚ But be warned: it is sadly neglected.

    Be encouraged! Good tabletalk here! And with no strings! The best kind.

    Happy Monday to you.


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