Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was cool riverbank, wet rocks, white water with the promise of ice. Yesterday was saffron, vermillion, moss and coffee brown. Yesterday was crunch and scramble, climb and perch, focus and shoot.


Today is nest on the couch, sips from a straw, pale child cheeks and tousled hair. Today is dark eye circles, short night, early morning. Today is wet washcloths and Lysol and the churn of washer, thump of dryer.


Yesterday there was enough, enough beauty to widen the iris, to make art and memory too. Enough laughter and enough good books to read. Enough creation to create with, to gather and treasure.


Today there will be enough, enough cool water and soap and rest. Enough cartoons on the couch, enough applesauce and toast and blanket. There will be enough grace on just enough sleep, enough stories to read aloud. There is enough room in this life to say yes, to say yes to the art making and to making beds up with fresh sheets. To bearing witness and to watching over. Yes to here and now.


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